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11 Best Tech Gadgets for Travel in 2023

Tech gadgets

The holiday season is approaching, and roads and airports are going to get busier with a lot of travelers. Other than packing the clothes and necessary essentials, it's time to also consider the tech gadgets you need to make the journey convenient, enjoyable, and safe. Therefore, this blog lists the best tech gadgets in 2023 that must be in your travel bag. So, let's head straight to the top-notch gadgets to purchase before your next road/air trip.

11 Tech Gadgets to Have While Travelling

In the era of technological advancements, there are plenty of useful tech gadgets for traveling. So, we have shortlisted a few of the best travel gadgets in 2023 that must be with your while traveling:

1.      Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag

Traveling always brings the risk of losing or forgetting luggage somewhere. So, eradicate this concern with Apple AirTag. AirTags are Bluetooth-operated trackers that allow you to track the location of your luggage through the iPhone's Find My app. You can put these AirTags in luggage bags, purses, and wallets and easily locate them if lost.

2.      AirFly SE – Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

AirFly SE

AirFly SE is a wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter that can plug into the entertainment system of the airplane and allows you to use your Bluetooth headphones to get the audio. This way, you can hear the audio from the in-flight entertainment system from your headphones.

3.      Conair Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Conair Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Who isn't worried about wrinkled clothes that can ruin personality and photos? Well, the Conair portable travel garment steamer weighs just under two pounds and provides adjustable steam heat to remove wrinkles quickly. This makes it one of the best tech gadgets to carry during your trips.

4.      Joomfeen Travel Adapter

Joomfeen Travel Adapter

Different countries have different outlet configurations. Therefore, you must have an adapter that allows you to plug in electronic appliances no matter in which country you land. Epicka universal travel adapter allows you to use it in 150+ countries. It provides one AC socket, one USB-C port, and four USB-A ports to power six appliances simultaneously.

5.      Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

The hotel we stay in often has loud noises coming from city streets or neighbors. To address this concern, Yogosleep Rohm presents itself as another top travel gadget in 2023. It's a portable white noise sound machine that provides three sound choices to adjust your room's ambient sounds for peaceful sleep.

6.      Fochew Wireless Portable Charger 30,800mAh

Fochew Wireless Portable Charger

If you travel for long hours, your smartphone battery will get discharged after some time. Therefore, having a Fochew wireless portable charger gives peace of mind to easily charge smartphones anywhere. Its 30,800mAh battery capacity allows you to charge your Android phone or iPhone multiple times.

7.      Etekcity Luggage Scale

Etekcity Luggage Scale

If you often overpack and face trouble while booking luggage, you need the Etekcity luggage scale. It is a handheld scale that allows you to measure the accurate weight of your luggage easily.

8.      Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device

Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device


If you are traveling to a different country and want to interact with locals more openly, the Pocketalk classic language translator device is one of the best tech gadgets you need. It provides two-way, real-time translation of 133 countries' languages for convenient communication. Besides that, it comes with a built-in two-year data plan with a global SIM card.

9.      Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle

Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle

Brita insulated filtered water bottle is another one of the best travel gadgets on Amazon. It comes with a filter-built straw that can filter the water and reduce the taste of chlorine. It can hold 32 ounces of water and can maintain the water's coldness for one complete day.

10.      GL.iNet Wireless Mini Portable VPN Router

GL.iNet Wireless Mini Portable VPN Router

GL.iNet wireless mini portable VPN router supports 30+ popular OpenVPN service providers and can instantly convert any public Wi-Fi network into a private network. This way, you can use the public network securely anywhere, anytime.

11.      Vesany Hidden Camera Detector

Vesany Hidden Camera Detector

According to the IPX1031 survey, around 58% of vacationers feel worried about a spy camera in their vacation rental. So, if you have such fears, the Vesany Hidden Camera Detector is the best tech gadget you should carry. It can detect a wide range of wireless signals, which helps to detect spy cams, GPS locators, and wireless trackers around you.

Wrapping Up

Tech gadgets have become a necessity in today's tech-driven era. Above, we have discussed some of the popular and best tech gadgets that bring convenience and comfort while traveling. So, check out the above tech gadgets and find more as per your needs and make this year's holiday season travel one of the best and most comfortable journeys.

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