Mass Email & Fax Marketing

Advertising your products and services should be a priority for all business owners or anyone connected with sales. Marketing 101 informed that it requires 7 times of advertising the same message before the message is noticed. Companies who continually advertise know this fact as well as many others connected to good advertising practices. However, using the traditional media to do it is just too expensive for SMEs. CARE’s solution of Mass Email & Fax marketing is affordable and customizable to SMEs budget.

Fax Marketing:

Reach out to a wide range of audience at low cost. At just S$0.10 per fax one-time fee for faxing to 75,000 companies, it represents great value.

Format Accepted: PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel preferred

Completion: Approximately 7 days for Express service (no surcharge!) or we can spread it over one month (so that the incoming enquiries will be spread out)

Here are few reasons why Fax Marketing still works, and why you should include Fax Marketing as part of your Marketing strategy to reach out to potential clients:

  • Effectively capture client’s attention
    Since the fax has been received, it has the advantage in that they have to be looked at.
  • Reach wide audience simultaneously
    Fax Marketing is reliable and is one of the quickest ways to reach out to many people.
  • Inexpensive compared to traditional media
    Fax marketing is affordable and low cost at S$0.10 per fax compared to postal mail
  • No Investment cost needed
    Avoid expensive hardware, software and employee costs with CARE’s fax marketing

Email Marketing:

Email marketing can increase the effectiveness of a company’s web presence. Email marketing is an affordable and cost effective online advertising campaign to help companies reach their potential clients.

CARE’s EDM (electronic direct marketing) blast allows clients the option of hassle free advertising by taking over the responsibility of EDM conception, creation and dissemination.

  • EDM Conception
    CARE business development team jointly with client can come up with the EDM contents and message that will grab targeted audience interest and attention
  • EDM Creation
    Our creative team will then propose the appropriate theme and design the message layout for the EDM
  • EDM Dissemination
    CARE’s technical team will then load the selected database and schedule the EDM blast according to client’s preference

Alternatively, clients can submit their Email Ad and choose our email marketing service only to blast out to their own database or CARE’s database.