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IT Hardware and Software Purchases

Hardware and software purchases

IT Hardware and Software Purchases are the necessities of a business. These products help in the smooth running of the operations of your business. Therefore, making a quality purchase of the right hardware or software device is important to determine the goodness and badness of your business. 

CARE is one of the well-established one stop IT solutions providers in Singapore that can help client’s source and cater for their unique IT infrastructure needs. CARE research and compares the available computer hardware and software choices in the market and then makes recommendations based on the client's preference and goals. Clients can expect competitive hardware and software quotes in their purchase of desktop, laptop, and other hardware and software solutions. CARE deals with a wide range of renowned brands that include Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Apple, Grandstream, F-Secure, Cybonet, Fortinet, Sangoma, and many more.

Improving the Productivity of our Customers

Buying the right set of computer hardware and software influences the productivity of an organization. CARE understands the needs and expectations of your business and it ensures that your business performance is not compromised. We identify and bring the right deal for you at the right quote so that you always stay ahead of your needs and expectations and deliver exceptional results with your outstanding performance.

Over the years, we are delighted to cater to the needs and expectations of our valued customers. We are pleased to make them satisfied with our recommendations by delivering the right solutions at their doorstep in a hassle-free way.

importance of getting the right and suitable hardware and software for your device for optimal performance

Advantages of buying IT Hardware and Software with CARE

  1. Budget-Friendly: CARE offers budget-friendly solutions for your software and hardware requirements. You will find competitive hardware and software quotes.

  2. An array of choices: CARE is familiar with a wide range of brands and products. We offer our customers a blend of local and international choices to choose from. Our tie-up with the local and overseas distributors will help you easily find the product that you are interested in.

  3. Doorstep Delivery: We offer a doorstep solution to our end customers with which they will get the delivery of their hardware and software purchases at their doorstep in a hassle-free way. All you need is to place an order and your items would then be delivered at your doorstep.

  4. Simplifying Set-up: Our work does not end up with the delivery of your hardware and software purchases, instead, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with your deliverables. The CARE team can install and set-up the purchased hardware and software for you so that you do not incur any hurdles while using them.

  5. 100% original items: At certain places where there are issues of duplicity, CARE professionals make sure that the items that they deliver to the end customers are 100% genuine and it comes to you with a warranty as described by their manufacturer. 

  6. Proven Record: Since the inception of our brand, CARE professionals have a proven record of delivering peace of mind to the end customers. We make sure that the customers are satisfied with the purchase of their hardware and software requirements for their computer.

  7. Support availability: When in doubt, CARE’s after-sales support is available to end customers who have purchased the items from us. Reach out directly to our CARE professionals with ease and get things resolved in an effective, quality-oriented manner. You can contact us anytime during our working hours.

Our 3-Step Delivery Solution

CARE professionals work on our 3-step delivery solution model. The 3 steps involved in the process include:

Step 1: Requirement Gathering
The customers submit their requirements that include the items specifications, brand, and the functionalities that they need. 

Step 2: Items sourcing
Once the requirements are gathered, our sales team then source the items based on the specifications, brands, and functionalities as described by the customers.

Step 3: Delivery of the items
Once we get the confirmation for the availability of your items, we confirm your order and specify the delivery time and other delivery specs to our customers.

IT Hardware and Software Purchases Frequently Asked Questions

+How do you select an IT hardware?

When buying computer hardware for your business or personal needs, be mindful of your existing computer equipment. The desktop or laptop hardware parts must be compatible with the rest of the computer components. Security is also another major selection criteria. Theft or loss of hardware can potentially compromise your data security. Besides that, consider the life expectancy of the hardware. The frequent replacement of hardware can mount up to a costly expenditure.

+How do you choose an IT software?

A basic computer software consists of programmes to operate and control the processing capabilities of the computer. Basically, the software acts as the mediator between you as the user and the essential computer hardware. You want to look for systems software that meet your personal and work goals, which includes your preferred Operating System, device drivers and others.

+Is there a warranty for IT hardware products?

Most desktop or laptop hardware parts include 1 to 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. Subsequent renewals to cover the hardware warranty are also provided by most manufacturers.

+What is the general cost of an IT hardware?

There is a wide range of IT hardware products available in the market to cater to the user's specific requirements. Please enquire with us and we can recommend something to suit your allocated budget.

+What does computer hardware acquisition mean?

Computer hardware acquisition is the act of assisting customers in buying a computer hardware based on their IT needs.