Hardware and Software Purchases

CARE is the place to go for your IT purchasing needs as we are resellers of a wide range of hardware and software products. Having a team of certified IT engineers, CARE is able to value add to client’s IT hardware and software purchases by giving clients technical advice on their purchases such as functionality, ability for integration and compatibility to current IT hardware and software being used.

The advantages of buying IT hardware and software with CARE are:

  • Better Prices
    CARE is able to offer competitive pricing on the products to business owners and end users by removing the need for a physical store to display products.
  • Convenience
    Purchasing through CARE is convenient as we can source for the IT hardware and software that fits your requirement and arrange for delivery to reach your doorstep.
  • Variety
    CARE resells a wide range of IT hardware and software products as we work with major distributors locally and overseas.
  • Fewer Traps
    CARE does not use posters, sales messages, colours and product placement to make you buy additional and unnecessary items. Clients will submit their requirements and purchase items that they need to fulfill that requirement only.
  • IT Professional Service
    With all the IT purchases, it can be a challenge to hook up everything. Leave it to CARE’s IT professionals to install, setup and integrate the IT purchases for you.
  • Avoid Crowds
    Our clients do not have to worry about parking spaces or brace through crowded shopping centres and special events only to come back to the task of carrying their heavy IT purchases and finding ways to load it in the car.

Our simple 3-Step purchase process ensures quick delivery:

Client’s submission of requirements based on specifications, brand or function.
CARE’s sales team will source for competitive quote that fits clients requested requirement.
Once confirm, order is submitted and delivery date and time will be translated to client.