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IT Infrastructure Implementation


it infrastructure implementation


The business IT infrastructure is a critical element of your company’s ability to remain successful in Singapore and the ever-changing global market. Yet, your IT infrastructure network faces a growing number of external threats that could cripple your efforts and possibly shut down the company.

What is IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure consists of all components that somehow play a role in overall IT and IT-enabled operations. It can be used for internal business operations, to develop customer IT or business solutions. Typically, a standard IT infrastructure consists of the following components:

  1. Computer Hardware

    Computer hardware is required for storing large amounts of information that your company is bound to possess. From collecting and analyzing the data, computer hardware is an integral component to ensuring the smooth passage of information through your IT infrastructure.

  2. Computer Software

    There are two integral types of software that are critical to your IT infrastructure. They include; system software which is the management of activity that is related to computer systems and application software which is required to perform different tasks for your users.

  3. Data Management Technology

    This involves the organizing and analyzing of data according to the requirement of your users. Data management technology can also refer to a wide range of techniques and database systems used for managing information use and allocating access both within a business and between entities.

  4. Networking and Telecommunication Technology

    An essential component of IT infrastructure implementation, this may involve a video connection to a company’s employees, customers and more. They enable smooth telecommunication between terminals; a vital component of day to day business.

  5. Technology Services

    Many people are required for running the software and for training the employees about the new software. This is especially evident as many large firms lack the skilled staff for the management of technology.

Right now, we all know the components of an IT infrastructure, the next question is how we are going to determine what makes a good IT infrastructure?

A good IT infrastructure should include backup setup and monitoring, redundancies, comprehensive network coverage, good visibility of IT roles and functions. To ensure good IT infrastructure; you will need comprehensive IT support, IT security, remote access and a reliable data backup system in place.

You might ask “Why do we need a good IT infrastructure? I could go for a cheap one as long as the IT infrastructure works”. But in reality, a bad IT infrastructure implementation will affect the performance of your system. It might not affect you at the beginning, but troubles will appear as time passes. Hence, it is crucial to get a good IT infrastructure that is stable and easier for IT expansion, to increase IT service availability and quick resolution to pinpoint errors for troubleshooting.

At CARE, we will provide you with a good IT infrastructure implementation. We will research and plan the IT gadgets that are needed for the IT infrastructure implementation then propose and justify the need for the hardware and software along with the timeline for implementation. Clients can expect to be informed and kept in the loop on the stages of IT infrastructure implementation they are at and achieve the targeted goals to be met upon project completion.

To ensure that you have the infrastructure that’s in line with your company’s needs, we will examine your current business process management model and identify the software and hardware that you require. We will also help you acquire and carry out the essential IT infrastructure and provide assistance in the planning and management of the transition period to establish a hassle-free transfer from the old to the new infrastructure.