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CARE SecurePatch

CARE SecurePatch is a cloud-based SaaS platform that empowers organizations to manage the diverse, complex, and costly challenges of supporting every device they are responsible for, whether on-premises, cloud-based, server, network device, or anything else.

With SecurePatch, organizations and end-users can ensure that their supported devices are secure, updated, stable, and patched through a centralized approach. Whether managing a single endpoint or hundreds of thousands, SecurePatch provides a powerful and seamless way to manage/monitor without any complicated procedures.

SecurePatch – A SaaS Platform with Automation and Efficiency at the Core

SecurePatch is a feature-rich SaaS platform that offers all the management/monitoring-related features in an all-in-one platform. As a full management and monitoring suite, driven by continuous innovation and improvement, it empowers organizations to ensure seamless management of today's IT environments and prepare for the future.
The top-notch features accessible with our cloud-based SecurePatch include:

  • Discovery: Diverse discovery options to get real-time visibility of all assets, like computers, routers, servers, virtual machines, storage devices, etc.
  • Management: A policy-based and centralized approach to keep all endpoints patched, optimized, and secure.
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the health and performance of endpoints, such as CPU usage, memory consumption, disk activity, network traffic, running processes, services status, and more. Stay on top of every device with real-time alerts and automated responses.
  • Remote Support: Fast and secure access to devices with advanced screen sharing and remote support tools.
  • Scheduled Reporting: Scheduled reporting with comprehensive insights on devices, activities, etc.

Simply put, SecurePatch's capabilities have no stop. It comes with pre-built third-party access rights, monitoring policies/scripts, integration with other platforms, such as Microsoft 365, documentation management, PSA tools, etc. In short, you get the most advanced and modernized endpoints management and monitoring platform that guarantees performance, security, automation, and usability.

SecurePatch – A Powerful and Modernized Solution for Management/Monitoring Challenges

SecurePatch offers organizations and end-users an advanced, modernized, and adaptable solution for remote-based monitoring and management activities. Here's what benefits you can enjoy with the state-of-the-art SecurePatch tool:

Automation & Scripting
No matter your experience level or the size of your business, SecurePatch gives you easy and powerful automation features. You can target devices dynamically and use a flexible scripting engine to automate service delivery. The automated tasks can be triggered at specific events or specified times/intervals. You can also access hundreds of free, ready-made scripts and policies to improve your technical support.

Network Topology Mapping
The first step in managing any network and IoT device is learning about the network. SecurePatch streamlines this with a network topology map, where all the devices connected to the network are identified, and the network connections are presented in a visual map.

Real-Time & Continuous Monitoring
SecurePatch serves as a one-stop platform to monitor all the laptops, PCs, servers, VMs, ESXi, and network devices in real time. You get alerts of issues or threats/vulnerabilities in real time with useful diagnostic information for effective troubleshooting. In short, SecurePatch modernizes and simplifies the monitoring of complex and sophisticated IT environments.

CARE SecurePatch

Seamless and Proactive Patch Management
SecurePatch built-in automated patch management helps to provide the robust protection organizations need today. It supports policy-based patch approvals to support large and complex networks. Moreover, you also get comprehensive reporting on patch status and compliance of endpoints.

Top-Notch Ransomware Detection
By the smart analysis of file behavior and alerts, SecurePatch can detect ransomware activities on endpoints. Once detected, it works to isolate the device and eradicate the ransomware process.

Seamless Remote Support Anywhere, Anytime
With SecurePatch, technicians can troubleshoot devices with ease and speed, no matter where they are located. The platform has a built-in HTML5-based remote control that lets them access any device from any device without any installation or configuration. They can fix issues quickly and smoothly without disrupting the end-user's work. In short, SecurePatch gives the power and flexibility to provide seamless remote support.

Microsoft 365 Integration and Management
SecurePatch provides easy and complete integration with Microsoft 365 with a single console to overview users, devices, tenants, etc.

SecurePatch is capable of bundling more services that you need. For instance, it can support antivirus, backup of endpoints, etc. So, you can adapt SecurePatch according to your unique needs.

Supported Platforms
SecurePatch can work diligently on Windows, macOS, Linux, SNMP, and VMWare devices.

Why Choose CARE's SecurePatch?

CARE SecurePatch is a platform organizations and end-users need to handle all IT needs in a central place. It is a tool to manage, control, and monitor endpoints securely from anywhere in the world.

check green  Simple, user-friendly, and efficient
check green  Secure channel to manage and control devices
check green  Real-time monitoring and action
check green  Rapid remote access and support
check green  Minimized resources and maximized ROI

Advantage SecurePatch Manual Preventive Maintenance
Timely Application of Security Patches check green  Up to 8x a month red cross  Dependent on schedules and availability
Reduced User Downtime check green  Patches applied in the background red cross  Requires user interaction and downtime
Proactive System Performance Monitoring check green  Includes fine-tuning for optimal performance red cross  Reactive response to performance issues
Patch Compliance Reporting check green  Detailed reports on patch status red cross  Manual tracking of patch compliance
Customization for Specific Needs check green  Tailored to your organization's priorities red cross  One-size-fits-all approach

Overall, CARE SecurePatch is a complete cloud-based monitoring and management platform to centrally handle your user base, reduce overheads, ensure security, and drive efficiency.