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Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solution makes a safe, secure, and complete protection of your important data.

Having a proper backup procedure as part of your IT infrastructure and process is one of the most important aspect of business operations. Such measures will prevent any loss of data and ensure that your data is safe and remain accessible. Data Backup Solution makes a safe, secure, and complete protection of your important data against any data losses. It makes sure that the copy of your data can be recovered in case of data failure or accidental delete so that your business processes are not hampered due to such an unprecedented event.

The Importance of Backup

Backup of data creates a replica of the important data that could be used in the scenarios of hardware/software failure, malicious attack by trojans and viruses, data corruption, accidental deletion of data, or any other unplanned event. If you do not back up your data regularly then in the face of an unprecedented event all your work would be lost and you would have to get your work done from scratch. Thereby, creating a replica of your data regularly is important.

Types of Backup

1. Full Backup

Full-Backup as the name suggests creates a full replication of all the data files that an organization has. All the files are duplicated by the backup administrator and may be used in the future.

2. Incremental Backup

Incremental-Backup creates a copy of only those files/data that has changed since the last backup be it a full-backup or an incremental backup. The Incremental backup is useful in a way that it requires the least storage space and takes minimal time to complete the backup.

3. Differential Backup

Differential-Backup duplicates only those files that have changed since the last full backup was made. Differential backup is more flexible than full-backup. It takes less time since the data being backed up is less and also the amount of storage would be less.

4. Mirror Backup

A Mirror-backup is an exact replica of your data on the hard drive. It backs up everything, from the applications, operating systems, files, preferences and settings to the boot information. Mirror Backup creates only a copy of the latest version of the files without any track of the previous versions.

5. Local Backup

Local Backup backs up the data on tape, disks, or any other physical media that is present at the site. Typically, the storage medium is connected directly to the source being backed up.

6. Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup as the name suggests backs up the data on the server which is located at a different location from the actual production system site.

7. Online Backup

Online Backup backs up the important files and information to your company’s online server. Once done, you can access the data remotely from anywhere.

8. Remote Backup

Remote Backup lets you create a backup of your data remotely at a different site via the Internet or WAN.

9. Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup allows the organizations to back up the important files over the cloud. With cloud backup, the data and files would be available whenever you need it.

10. FTP Backup

FTP Backup secures your data by transferring it to the FTP server. With this, you can safeguard your data to a remote location or device.

Types of Backup Solutions

Onsite data backup solution provides you a secure onsite backup of your data ensuring the recoverability of your important files in the disaster scenario.

1. Onsite Backup Solutions

The onsite data backup solution provides you a secure onsite backup of your data ensuring the recoverability of your important files in the disaster scenario. The devices used for the backup would reside at your local location where you can touch it and use it for restoration purposes.
Example: External Hard drive, DAS & NAS, RAID Configuration

2. Offsite Backup Solutions

The offsite backup solution is designed to back-up your important files and data to any remote geographic location. This is usually done with the help of WAN and ensures that your important data is protected in case of disaster or misfortune at your site.
Example: Colocation in Data Center

3. Cloud Backup Solutions

This is one of the great cloud backup services for business. With a cloud backup solution, organizations can back up their important files and information over the cloud and extract them whenever required in the future. This does not require the need for the physical disk or hard drive to store the data.
Example: Microsoft Azure Blob

4. Hyper-V Backup Solutions

Hyper-V Backup Solution is a fast, flexible, and feature-rich backup solution that gives organizations an ability to retrieve the files that they need in a fast, quick, and simple search mode. The solutions eliminate the complexities involved in backing up the files and replacing it with an easy to configure, backup, and restore solutions.
Example: Virtual Machines (VMs)

CARE is experienced in implementing a wide range of backup solutions to cater to your IT needs and goals. Contact us now to find out how we can help you add a layer of protection by ensuring the availability of a replica of your important data in a simplified manner.

Data Backup Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

+How does data backup work?

Data backup technologies help users to duplicate files and organise them into folders for the purpose of restoring deleted or corrupted data. Data loss can be caused by hardware failures, computer viruses and other factors.

+What is a backup strategy?

A data backup solution is based on a detailed backup strategy, which includes designing a disaster recovery plan in the event of a cyberattack. This is to ensure business continuity by minimising the damage to business operations, data and reputation.

+What is a corporate data backup?

Corporate data backup runs on a bigger scale for larger enterprises and organisations. Cloud backup services are often opted as a sustainable business continuity solution due to its scalability and affordability.

+What are the advantages of backup?

The main function of data backups is to prepare for unexpected data loss. By having a data backup solution, it will save time to retrieve lost files and information as well as to store duplicated copies into secure folders, which only you can access.