We have spent a lot of time and money to design and build flexible hosting environments that cater from the basic entry-level colocation to the most advanced business colocation needs. We can confidently say that we are providing leading colocation solutions in the Singapore market today.

The very competitive entry-level, premium and advanced offerings are second to none when it comes to quality, flexibility, reliability and dependability. Our hands-on engineers will be able to assist you through a wide technical spectrum, from simply housing a single server in a low-cost incubation environment to high-end state-of-the-art infrastructures spanning across our multiple datacentres for fail-over and load balancing.

Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts colocation hosting service enables businesses and individuals alike to house their mission-critical Internet servers in our Telco grade facility for superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections. Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts state-of-the-art Data Center provides unparalleled high-performance, high-availability, and high-security to all of our colocation customers.

  • Complete scalability to your growth
  • Highest level of security
  • Complete access control
  • Private data center rooms available
  • Personal account representative and direct answer support line
  • Complete server monitoring including reboots
  • Unlimited bandwidth capabilities
  • Carrier-Neutral facility
  • 24 hour facilities coordinator on staff for build-outs and private bandwidth installations
  • All exchange points and bandwidth carriers monitored 24 hours to ensure no service interruption to your facility
  • Customer care area complete with build tables, tools and testing equipment
  • Free primary and secondary DNS for each of your machines / domains
  • 24 hour administrator on duty in case emergency maintenance is required
  • Equipment receiving and storage controls with bar code inventory system for tracking / securing customer owned equipment
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance
  • 24x7 escorted access for authorized users

Our data center facilities are designed and optimized for maximum performance and availability, so you can focus on the more strategic areas of your business or venture. Co-locating with Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts means not having to worry about Internet connectivity, bandwidth quality, power failures, or other service problems or interruptions that could mean the difference between success or failure to your business.

Co-locating your Web server at the Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Facility protects your investment with the most advanced security and disaster-deterrent systems. Plus, flexible bandwidth provides ample throughput capacity, letting you optimize your server's performance.