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Secure, Scalable, and Reliable Co-Location Service Providers

Co-location services in Singapore The world is transforming at a fast pace. With this transforming world, businesses are realizing the need for hosting services such as co-location at Data Center which can provide them with flexible space rental, along with power, bandwidth, cooling, and the physical security of the data centers facilities.

The need for effective co-location services is rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore for a variety of reasons such as an increase in the awareness to have an offsite backup or the importance of disaster recovery planning.  More and more SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise) are benefitting from hosting service arrangements by having their network, servers, and storage housed and managed in a secure environment designed with facilities that are specially catered for housing servers at an affordable price tag. 

With a co-location facility, companies can succeed in delivering consistent and performance-centric services with which they can meet their financial goals while avoiding significant costs that are linked with the expansion of in-house infrastructure. Businesses are also empowered by being able to focus their attention over the core business activities, thus, improving their service quality in a minimized budget.

CARE Delivering Cutting-Edge Solution to Businesses

CARE is backed by the support of hands-on engineers who are well versed in their domains and provides fast response and solutions to your technical needs that are housed at the data centers. 

CARE engineers are available 24x7 to ensure maximum uptime for your equipment that are housed at the data centers, thus ensuring the highest level of security and operational reliability to safeguard your data. The data center has a multi-layered security policy that includes alarm monitoring, 24/7 video surveillance, biometrics, and more. 

Keeping your data in a highly confidential environment in data centers

Keeping your data in a highly confidential environment 

All the entrances to the data centers follow a structured hierarchy to validate the users who walk in and out of the centers. We take adequate measures in the authentication of the users at the outer and inner entrance. This makes sure that the general staff is kept out of the rooms where the servers are deployed or at the places where the IT equipment is located. Once the right person is inside we offer them the facilities of locked cabinets to protect their confidential data.

We have deployed our security in a way that every corner of the place is under security surveillance. This ensures that there is no negligence in the security and every point of the building be it entrance, exit, or the access point, everything is protected and being watched on a 24/7 basis.

Benefits of CARE Co-location services

Once you use CARE Co-Location services, you will give up all your hassles and worries. Our services would allow you to focus on your core business activities without having to worry about the data centers. The various benefits that you will be exposed to include:

  • Complete scalability to your growth
  • Highest level of security
  • Complete access control
  • Private Data Center rooms available
  • Personal account representative and direct answer support line
  • Complete server monitoring including reboots
  • Unlimited bandwidth capabilities
  • Carrier-Neutral facility
  • 24-hour facilities coordinator on staff for build-outs and private bandwidth installations
  • All exchange points and bandwidth carriers monitored 24 hours to ensure no service interruption to your facility
  • Customer care area complete with build tables, tools, and testing equipment
  • Free primary and secondary DNS for each of your machines/domains
  • 24-hour administrator on duty in case emergency maintenance is required
  • Equipment receiving and storage controls with a barcode inventory system for tracking / securing customer-owned equipment
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance
  • 24x7 escorted access for authorized users

Looking forward to you being part of our happy clients!

Colocation Service Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the difference between a data center and colocation?

A data center is the main infrastructure for centralised data processing. It requires a building with enhanced security, electricity, network and cooling system to be built to meet the requirement. Meanwhile, a colocation facility is part of a data center that houses multiple servers and other IT equipments.

+What is colocation and why is it used?

A colocation is part of a large data center facility where a business can lease space for computing hardware and servers. Colocation services such as security, cooling, power and bandwidth are provided to the customer.

+What is the difference between colocation and cloud?

Colocation space solution enables businesses to store websites, applications and sensitive data in a secure environment. Cloud, on the other hand, is a network which consists of several hardware placed at geographical locations. Unlike colocation, the cloud infrastructure is not a place by itself.

+What is colocation hosting?

Colocation provides server hosting solutions where they function as data center providers to rent space and house multiple servers. The servers belong to the customer, including the software and hardware. Since colocation is a facility that offers storage and security, it creates a secure server environment for the customer's business data, websites and applications.

+Why have a colocation data center?

By having a colocation facility, it offers server hosting services that provide a safe space for your servers and IT equipments to maintain smooth business operations. The use of colocation is common among companies in Singapore and around the world for providing user autonomy over servers, which can be accessed at a colocation data center when needed.

+What is the difference between a dedicated web server and a co-located web server?

A dedicated web server is given by a web host to rent. However, you are not given access to the server. If you have a co-located web server, you can store your servers at a colocation facility.