5 Popular Firewall Brands Used by SMEs

Data breaches in SMEs are on the rise, yet not many have protection against these attacks.

In many households, places of work, and businesses and industries, being connected to the internet is a huge convenience, but this convenience comes at a risk as well. In many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), many are reporting data breaches as cyberattacks are on the rise, yet not many have protection against these attacks. The importance of firewalls is undisputed in any network that is connected to the internet, as it forms the first line of defence between the user and the cyber criminals online, protecting the user from a wide range of threats. There is a huge range of firewalls that are available in the market, and each has a different level of security and protection features. It is important to choose one based on business nature and needs, as firewalls could be an expense for small businesses. We have listed the popular firewall brands commonly used by SMEs and their unique features below:

  1. Fortinet
    Fortinet has a centralised management system, allowing easy user access to manage all Fortinet applications in one handy console. For multiple networks, Fortinet offers Fortimanager for convenience, which provides full network visibility and easy management of multiple firewalls. The artificial intelligence and machine learning system is being constantly developed and upgraded, with updates being installed regularly for optimal protection at all times.

  2. Cisco
    Cisco provides next-generation firewalls that offer a good level of network security as well as flexibility to cope with unforeseen changes. The firewall provides a robust protection against virtual attacks, filtering incoming traffic and blocking unauthorised access into the network. A single software is sufficient for web filtering, application scanning, antivirus, and spam blocking. The firewall can also be used in several access and control points.

  3. SonicWall
    SonicWall is a powerful firewall with an easy-to-use central management system which provides easy troubleshooting with different diagnostics tools. In addition to biometric login to enhance the security and prevent unauthorised access, it comes with built-in wireless, so it also offers the flexibility of a wireless network without compromising on network security. The Sonic Express application that is part of the firewall allows users to view the real-time statistics of the firewall, modify the rule sets to cater to different needs, and export server firewall configuration settings in case a backup needs to be done remotely.

  4. Palo Alto
    Palo Alto offers a comprehensive set of features that are important in a next-generation firewall. The straightforward and easy access of the administrative interface is convenient for use. The automated downloads of updates and maintenance for antivirus makes it fairly low maintenance. Cyber threats are automatically identified and blocked. Users can create comprehensive and precise security policies based on organisational needs, and limiting running of applications only to authorised users, which greatly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks. It is also more cost-effective compared to other network security firewalls.

  5. Sophos
    While the layout of the firewall is quite similar to the other next-generation firewalls on the market, Sophos’ single policy definition allows users to define the entire flow of the security policies the user wants to achieve. The implementation of this firewall is powered by deep learning and synchronised security, this firewall also offers deep insights such as hidden users and applications as well as threat risks to the network. This firewall’s unique feature is the ability to respond automatically to security incidents by isolating compromised systems.

There are many more network security firms offering firewall services, but for small businesses, these firewalls are the ones that are used most. Depending on the needs of the business, careful consideration is needed to get the appropriate firewall with the best network security features.

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