5 Useful Computer Hacks to Learn in 2021

Using your computer to its fullest capabilities to increase your work productivity.

With most people spending longer hours on their personal computers at home, knowing how to use your computer to its fullest capabilities will get things done quicker and more efficiently. What are some of the useful computer tips that can increase your work output and your overall computer experience? Below are some cool computer hacks that you can apply today.

1. Pin Tabs

Tired of having your browser tabs shifted or closed by accident? Google Chrome understands the frustration. For Chrome users who spend hours reading, writing and researching will naturally open multiple tabs. To keep a tab permanently with you, right-click the tab and select “Pin”. It will automatically move to the left-most side of the browser. That way, you can easily access the tabs you need while opening several new tabs. This is one of the useful Google Chrome tricks for anyone who works with multiple tabs or wanting to read some interesting websites they have stumbled upon later.

2. Type Emojis From Your Keyboard

One of the lesser known keyboard tips for both Windows and MacBooks is a specific combination that allows you to type out an emoji. When using a Windows 10 keyboard, hold down the Windows logo key and select period (.) The emoji keyboard will appear. If you are using a MacBook, press the Control + Command + Spacebar keys on your keyboard simultaneously. A small window will appear with a collection of Emoji characters in it. 

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3. Search for Free Software Online (The Best Way)

This tip is among the most creative software hacks out there. On the lookout for a free, reliable software? According to Senior Technology Editor David Murphy at Lifehacker, do not type “free” on your search engine. If you do, you will see a whole list of so-called freeware applications that are not actually free, or subscription applications that come with a free trial. Instead, type “open-source” and the application or service you want to find. This increases the chance of getting what you are looking for. You can also key in “alternative to [app name]” for a more accurate search of the desired free application. 

4. Optimise Images for Multiple Social Media Platforms

Resizing pictures for different social media platforms can be quite a hassle. For example, a landscape image for your blog may not be suitable for display on Facebook. To optimise images by creating a size for specific social media platforms, find free image resizer tools by typing “open-source image resizer”. Social media hacks like this one can make your digital life easier and user-friendly. Now you can finally upload those photos without having them diminished to a blur or being awkwardly cropped.  

5. Use Print Friendly & PDF to Save on Ink

Ever tried printing a webpage that includes extra bits you do not want? The links, advertisements, images and other page fillers consume much of your ink. To save money and the environment from unnecessary ink use, access to printfriendly.com— a free, useful website that cleans and formats web pages. All you have to do is to copy and paste the URL, click “Preview” and print. Additionally, you can save a web page as a PDF file. This website also offers free extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

By applying these five useful computer tips, you are well on your way to becoming a proficient computer user. For more lifestyle and tech tips, read our CARE blog articles today.