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6 Tips to Improve IT Helpdesk Experience for Customers

IT Helpdesk

The rapid advancements in the field of Information Technology (IT) have made businesses focus on more technology-driven business operations and provide more tech-oriented premium-quality products/services to customers. Although IT seems to ease the life of employees and customers, it does burden the IT helpdesk with a lot of support requests.

In this competitive business era, customer experience matters a lot. Businesses tend to impress customers with their out-of-the-box products/services and then support them with satisfactory IT help desk support. However, sometimes the IT service desk might not perform as per the expectations of the customers. Therefore, this blog intends to discuss some of the best tips for businesses to improve the IT helpdesk experience for customers. So, let's get started!

IT Helpdesk – A Quick Overview

IT helpdesk is a single point of contact (SPOC) between the IT support team and the user. An IT help desk provides users with assistance on IT-related matters, such as configuring services, resetting passwords, technical troubleshooting, hardware issues, and similar others. IT service desk can assist customers (users), employees, investors, business partners, and anyone else who is using the products/services. Since almost all departments within an organization depend on IT, the IT helpdesk plays a crucial role in keeping the business running flawlessly.

6 Tips to Improve IT Helpdesk Experience for Customers

One of the main duties of the IT helpdesk is to provide on-time support to customers, as it's the customer experience that matters a lot today in this digital-driven competitive era. Gartner forecasts that worldwide IT spending will go up to $4.6 trillion in 2023, a 5.1% increase from 2022. More spending on IT means more pressure on the IT help desk. Therefore, below are 6 best tips to improve the IT service desk experience for customers:

1.      Understand the Expectations of Customers from the Help Desk

The first and most crucial step to improving the IT helpdesk is to properly understand what your customers exactly want from the service. Are they struggling with using the products/services? Are they looking for more advanced IT solutions? Are they expecting self-service or faster response time? For example, if most of the requests are related to resetting password links, you can provide a self-service guide about it directly to the customers when they initiate the request. In short, the goal should be to clarify expectations and then orient the IT service desk services accordingly.

2.      Use Knowledge Base for Consistent Customer Experience

In most cases, IT help desk employees address the same repetitive issues most of the time. Moreover, some employees offer better customer support compared to others. The best way to address both these elements is to set up a knowledge base that includes a scripted answer to the most frequently asked issues. This way, IT helpdesk employees can remain more productive, while it will also make the customer experience consistent.

3.      Prioritize Requests

Some IT support ticket requires more urgent attention compared to other requests. For example, if a customer reports a major bug, then it requires immediate attention. Therefore, IT helpdesk employees should prioritize requests based on how important they are for the continuity of the service and customer satisfaction. They can manually set the ticket priorities based on Low, Normal, High, Super Urgent, etc. Alternatively, they can use dedicated IT support software that can automatically prioritize tickets based on set trigger points.

4.      Use Self-Service Solutions

IT help desk employees cannot give response to customers 24/7. To do that, the business requires more IT staff, which becomes more costly. Therefore, the best way to provide customers with a fast and on-time response even after business hours is to use self-service solutions. A self-service solution can use the pre-defined knowledge base to provide self-driven solutions to customers on the most commonly asked issues. Moreover, the use of the self-service solution will also reduce ticket volume and increase the productivity of IT service desk employees.

5.      Keep the Customer Updated

Customers today demand that they remain in the loop of all the behind-the-scene progress regarding their requests. This gives them a sense that their request is being valued and getting fixed. Therefore, another tip for improving customer experience with the IT helpdesk is to keep the customer updated. This can be in the form of the status of the issue that the customer can check online using the ticket number or it can be via an update email sent to the customer whenever some progress is made.

6.      Outsource the IT Helpdesk

Not all businesses are capable to handle IT helpdesk service on their own. Budget constraints or too many requests are sometimes difficult to manage. In such cases, the best solution is to outsource your IT helpdesk. Outsource IT helpdesk service is run by experienced IT professionals that can work based on set procedures, create historical logs of all the technical problems, provide consistent and quality customer support, provide performance reports, and many other services. This way, businesses can focus more on growing their business, while IT support-related matters are handled by the outsource service effectively.

Wrapping Up

A top-notch IT helpdesk experience offers fruitful outcomes in terms of business growth, service delivery, and customer experience. Failure to deliver timely and right IT services to customers can lead to losing customers, extra pressure, or damage to reputation. However, the above tips are found to significantly improve the IT helpdesk experience for customers. So, practice the above tips and more depending on your business model and improve customer experience with state-of-the-art IT help desk service.

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