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Benefits of IT Preventive Maintenance

IT Preventive Maintenance

1) Reduces IT Equipment Costs

IT preventive maintenance extends the useful lifecycle of assets decreasing the need to replace the entire piece of IT equipment due to critical failure.

2) Reduces Labour Costs

When IT maintenance is scheduled, the amount of time needed for repair and clean-ups are reduced as compared to having emergency critical callouts.

3) Reduces Lost Production Time

Unscheduled downtime may cost thousands of dollars per hour. A proactive IT maintenance can be scheduled during non-productive times.

4) Increases Company Revenue

With regular IT maintenance, IT equipment suffers from fewer breakdowns thus increasing more output time which can be invested in revenue generation leads and directed activities.

5) Increases Efficiency of Employee Time

Most clients do not have spare IT equipment. Even with a spare unit, time is needed for setup, configuration and/or transfers of data to enable work continuity. Employees can concentrate on core business activities and operations instead of sitting idle while waiting for their IT equipment to be fixed when critical failure.