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Green IT

With technological advancement, organizations are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Today, servers are running 24/7, while our PCs and smartphones are being used frequently throughout the day. Computing devices are becoming obsolete at a faster pace and require replacing with new ones. Moreover, organizations are targeting such IT solutions that are sustainable and environmental-friendly. In all these situations, the concept of Green IT is gaining popularity across the world. This blog will discuss in deep about green IT.

What is Green IT All About?

Green IT refers to the practice of letting computers, servers, and all other computing devices design, usage, and disposal efficient with no or minimal impact on the environment. In simple words, it is a practice of using IT resources in an environmentally sustainable and efficient way.

The main targets of green IT practices are to maximize the energy efficiency of computing devices, reduce the use of hazardous materials, and encourage the biodegradability of outdated products. In short, green IT addresses the two prime themes of the current world, i.e., technology and the environment.

Real-World Green IT Examples

An organization can begin its journey toward green computing by gradually practicing different measures for greener IT infrastructure. From this perspective, some of the real-world green IT examples that organizations practice include:

  • Use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing instead of in-house applications.
  • The transition from paper-based processes to digital ones.
  • Reduce workplace power consumption using small power management tools.
  • Virtualization of server and storage.
  • Reduce waste of papers, packages, etc.
  • Recycle/dispose of old equipment wisely.
  • Purchase eco-friendly hardware.

Green IT does not just target one area, it is an amalgam of different smart decisions that lead to an environmental-friendly IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Green IT

Considering the global climate concerns, the importance and significance of green IT solutions are self-evident. However, below are some of the key benefits of green IT:

1.      Reputational Support

When an organization begins practicing green IT solutions, it is not just improving its eco-friendly gesture but also its reputation. The business community and consumers appreciate such measures and show more trust in the organization, thereby elevating its reputation.

2.      Cost Saving

Green IT initiatives seem expensive, considering the initial investment they demand. But in a long run, such initiatives offer cost-saving over time. For example, when you opt for cloud computing or SaaS solutions, you have to subscribe to those services but you are also saving significant costs associated with in-house setups. Similarly, green IT extends maintenance periods, reduces energy bills, and offers tons of other cost-saving support depending on your green IT initiatives.

3.      Increased Productivity

Many green IT measures increase the productivity of employees. For example, the transition from paper-based processes to digital ones makes it easy for employees to search and access documents.

4.      Tax Benefits

There are some countries in the world that appreciate every green measure that organizations take and offer some form of tax benefits. For example, the U.S. Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) covers 26% of the cost involved in installing solar panels. Similarly, you can find many other tax benefits depending on the area where your organization is running.

Wrapping Up

From a broader perspective, green IT is considered a global movement to make the world get aware of the serious concerns of climate change and the sheer need of reorienting the whole computing production and usage chains (from the raw material stage to the disposal of materials). If you want to turn your organization's IT infrastructure into green IT, then you should comply with ISO 14001, as it presents the environmental management system's requirements. In a nutshell, green IT is the need of the era and your small contribution can magnify into bigger changes you might haven't thought about.

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