Go Green with Digital Ang Baos

Have you sent one this Lunar New Year?

Go Green With Digital Ang Pau 

While we are gathered with our families enjoying New Year cookies and pineapple tarts this Lunar New Year, it is also worthwhile considering the collective impact one can make through individual initiative. The recent constant warning on climate change and the possibility of Singapore going under water is a major push factor for each and every one of us to start making small changes towards a greener and more sustainable nation.

Leading by example are the banks who have taken a step forward to launch the Digital Ang Bao for users in an attempt to reduce carbon footprints. 

The traditional practice of giving physical Ang Baos in many Asian cultures create a demand of paper envelopes which are discarded after usage. These millions of envelopes end up in the waste adding to the carbon footprints.

There are several benefits of using digital Ang Baos, it is not only environmental friendly but saves you the hassle of carrying thick stacks of Ang Baos, not mentioning the confusion of having to differentiate the varying amounts being included in the Ang Baos. It also allows you to exit from embarrassing situations whereby you run out of Ang Bao packets or simply forgot to bring the correct stack from home or the need to be over prepared for unpredictable situations. It is also perfect for little kids who might misplace them.

If this is your first time using Digital Ang Bao, refer to the below step by step guide for DBS PayLah users on how to send your 1st eAng Bao:

  • Login to your DBS PayLah! App and select eGift

DBS Paylah Login

  • Type in the details of Amount, Person and Message

 DBS Paylah insert amount

  • Select the animation you would like to send 

 DBS Paylah select animation

  • Confirm and select next and your Ang Bao will be on its way 

 DBS Paylah Transfer Angpau

  • You will then receive confirmation of the eAng Bao sent 

DBS Paylah Received Angpau 

  • The recipient will receive a notification and when they click on it, there will be an animation of the selected greeting as well as a windfall of gold coins along with the amount sent ! 

Receive Digital Angpau  

While some users feedback that nothing beats the thrill of receiving the physical Ang Bao, however the novelty of receiving a digital Ang Bao at the same time saving the environment is enough reason for us to give it a try. Who knows? It might be their cup of tea for the younger generations.