Smart Door Locks

Digital ways of making your home safe and protected

Smart door locks are the smart way to secure home without clinging to a set of keys. These act as a transformation to the traditional locks with sophisticated access and control features to your property. With smart locks, owners can remotely lock and unlock their doors and provide their guests and delivery men access to their house using the smart lock’s smart remote features. 

Why you need smart door locks?

A smart lock unlike the traditional lock not just allows you to come in and go out, it also helps in monitoring who is coming in and going out of your home. With smart locks, the owners can get a seamless experience of their existing door by giving away their worries. This is ultimate in safety and security. When the system is combined with the video doorbell, the users will get an ultimate experience with improved security and integration of convenience and smart capabilities. This is a secure and flexible way of controlling your home. 

What are the different types of smart door locks?

The various types of smart locks available in the market include:

1. Access Cards

Access Cards lock system is often used in the workplace to secure the entrance to the different sections of the building. This is used to keep people out who are not authorized and are not permitted to access a particular area of the building. Users are provided a card which is used for providing them access to the workplace/home. 

Secure Your Door With Access Card Door Lock 

2. Fingerprint

Fingerprint smart locks utilize the biometric fingerprint technology to secure your home/workplace. Users do not need to carry any key for opening the door, instead, their fingerprint would act as an opener to the door. The users by simply placing their fingers can open the door and get inside the room/building.

Use a Fingerprint Door Lock System

3. Face Recognition

This is another biometric technology used to secure the home. Whenever a user enters the door, the technology recognizes the person’s face and if the face matches with the registered face, the door will open up otherwise an alarm will pop up. The technology utilizes the camera and PIR motion sensor to detect the person on the door.

Face Recognition Door Lock System

4. Palm Recognition

Palm Recognition system utilizes the biometric palm vein scanner to provide security. The system is considered more secure in comparison to the other biometric technology. This technology is often found in hospitals, R&D centers, financial institutions, nuclear stations, factories, and others to create a secure system. 

 Palm Recognition Door Lock System

5. PIN Locks

These are keypad locks that utilize a PIN-based mechanism to unlock the door. One can easily set up the PIN codes for different people and it can later be changed depending on the comfort and convenience of the end-users. Keypad locks are available with either a touch screen or a keypad with physical buttons.

Pin Door Lock System

Benefits of using smart door locks

Smart Locks are known to be more fruitful when it comes to the security and safety of the system.

The various advantages of using smart locks include: 

  • Simplified control and protection 
  • Improved Connectivity 
  • Monitoring capabilities
  • Easy to handle via smartphones 
  • No need to carry keys 
  • Available with computer programming capability 
  • Ability to provide temporary access

Which smart door lock to pick for your home or office?

All smart locks are not the same. Different smart locks offer different features that you should consider while buying. Before you opt for one, you should identify what features you are looking for; which features the users would be comfortable with.

Once you make an optimum selection, you will add convenience and peace of mind. You can control who is coming to your home from anywhere with features like alarm, voice commands, and email notifications.