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Why VPN is a Must for Businesses Today?

VPN Setup

Over the past few years, the number of cyberattacks on companies has increased exponentially. In fact, it is projected that cybercrimes will cause the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Owing to that, businesses are taking aggressive measures to ensure effective cybersecurity and minimize their chances of becoming a victim. One such effective cybersecurity measure is setting up a business VPN for every device in the workplace.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were already in use at the individual level to bypass the geolocation restrictions, but they have now become popular in the business community. VPNs provide advanced security with easy to set up and use support. So, let's explore more about the VPN including the benefits of VPN for businesses.

VPN Working Principle – A Quick Overview

A VPN routes your device's internet connection through the private server of the VPN provider rather than directly from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In simple words, VPN hides your IP address and makes itself the source of data. So, your ISP or other third parties won't be able to know which websites you have visited or what data you have sent/received. Moreover, if the data is somehow intercepted, then it is unreadable due to its encrypted nature. In short, the working principle of VPN is to act intermediary or private "tunnel" between your device and the internet to protect your identity.

5 Reasons VPN is a Need of Every Business Today

Considering the cyber concerns every corporation face today, VPN provides effective protection without burdening finances. Here is a look at some of the key reasons that reflect the need of VPN for every business today:

1.      Remote Workforce

Every since the COVID pandemic, remote working is becoming the new normal. Companies usually have their office network protected with a firewall so that employees can securely access printers, IT resources, files, etc. However, it becomes vulnerable to access on-site company resources from home or public networks without VPN. Corporate VPN helps by offering safe access to the company's intranet. For example, NordVPN provides a specific IP address to employees so that they can work from anywhere to easily access the company's resources.

2.      Secure Browsing and Communications

Websites are actively upgrading to HTTPS, but there are still plenty of websites running on HTTP. So, it is likely that employees can easily end up using HTTP websites and accidentally expose sensitive data. VPN helps by securing browsing and communications with top-notch encryption during transmitting data. Moreover, the best VPN for business also offers threat blockage features that automatically blocks access to malicious websites.

3.      Geo-restricted Content

There are many countries in the world that have blocked access to many popular websites. For example, China does not provide access to Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, if employees go on oversea trips regularly for their jobs, then VPN is best for them to access geo-restricted content without any trouble. Moreover, VPN provides a secure route to connect to the company's resources no matter from where employees are accessing the content.

4.      Cost-Friendly

The VPN industry is highly competitive. There are dozens of VPN services available today for businesses such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and similar others that are offering many key and unique functionalities. In fact, many services offer free VPN trials to test out their services before buying their premium plans. Owing to the competition, businesses can get the best services at cost-friendly rates. Therefore, another leading reason for choosing VPN is its cost-effective protection from cyberattacks and other data vulnerabilities.

5.      Device Compatibility

When we talk about VPN for enterprise, then its means protection of company-loaned laptops or PCs. However, most VPN provides protection to many other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. In short, VPN provides comprehensive protection to all the devices that employees use.

Limitations with VPN

Although there are many benefits of VPN for businesses, it does come with some limitations. The following are some of the key limitations/disadvantages of VPN worth knowing:

  • Scaling VPN requires more cost and complex configuration.
  • VPN encrypts and re-routes the connection, so the connection speed might drop significantly. It mainly depends on the service infrastructure of your VPN provider.
  • You can face sudden connection breaks.
  • VPN does not guarantee complete protection from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals can exploit weak VPN protocols to bypass defenses and cause data breaches.

Most of the above limitations with VPN mainly occur if you use a less reputed VPN provider. If you pick the reputed and top-notch VPN service provider, then the above cons of VPN automatically fade away.


Keeping the servers safe and protecting data are the main priorities of businesses today. Business VPN not just provides a secure route to access the internet and business data, but it also ensures cybersecurity with its end-to-end encryption. To sum up, VPN is a must for your business in present times. So, look for the best VPN solution for business that suits your needs and start using the service right away.

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