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IT Outsourcing

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Outsourcing is the business practice of utilizing outside IT firms to handle work that is normally done within a company. It has grown by leaps and bounds during the past few years and is a familiar concept that is now widely adopted in most industries with a lot of practical benefits. This is especially evident for small and medium-sized businesses who don't have the funds or resources to run their own in-house IT department. Outsourcing is a very efficient way of running a company while saving money in the process. It also covers a wide variety of business requirements such as payroll processing, equipment maintenance, technical support, app development and server maintenance.

Here's a quick overview of the core benefits of getting IT infrastructure outsourcing services:

  • It significantly reduces labour costs. Hiring, training, and managing IT staff can be very expensive. It can easily drain your coffers as you need to invest in tools and equipment that are not only costly but also require regular updates. With outsourcing, your IT requirements will be exclusively handled by an outside firm at the fraction of the cost.
  • It allows you to focus on your core business. Making important IT decisions can be very complicated. It can eat away at your time and attention. This can be disastrous for your business if you have limited resources and time. You don't have to deal with these distractions if you outsource your IT department.
  • You get highly qualified and certified IT services. Companies offering outsourced IT support employ professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. In short, you will be receiving services that you can trust and rely on. This also means that there's less risk to worry about.
  • It helps improve efficiency and competitiveness. One of the main roles of an outside IT vendor is to ensure that a client's file and network security is up to par with the industry standard. This, in turn makes your business more efficient and competitive in the market.
  • It levels the playing field. There was a time when only large corporations have the capability to utilize high-end IT services. Now, anyone can get the same high-quality IT services from outsourcing firms. Even if you're a small business, you can take advantage of the same services that a large corporation uses.
  • You can quickly and easily implement new technology. It's the responsibility of IT firms to ensure that your infrastructure is upgraded with the changing demands of the times. Upgrades in your infrastructure are instantaneous. If you do the upgrades in-house, it can take weeks or months before the upgrades can be completed.
  • It improves your ability to manage risks. A lot of businesses fold or get bogged down because of the risks associated with running their own IT department. You don't have to deal with this problem if a highly-qualified IT company is handling your IT requirements. They have measures in place to ensure that your data is backed up on a regular basis. Should anything go wrong, there's always someone assisting you to troubleshoot and fix the problem on hand.

In a nutshell, outsourcing is an option that will benefit your business both in the short-term and in the long run. It's a great way to gain access to high-quality IT services without costing a ton. The good news is that there's no shortage of IT outsourcing companies in Singapore. If you're looking for reliable IT outsourcing services in Singapore, you are in good hands with CARE. We offer a wide variety of outsourcing services that will help you build and grow a better business environment. Contact us now to discuss how we can fulfil your IT business needs.

IT Outsourcing Frequently Asked Questions

+What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is the practice of engaging an external party to run some or all of your IT functions of the company. We like to refer to it as a business solution. It is a way for business owners to take some workload off their shoulders and let someone else take care of it while still maintaining control.

+How much does IT Outsourcing cost?

IT Outsourcing can cost as little as $200/mth or more depending on how much IT functions you would like to outsource. 

+What are the benefits of IT Outsourcing?

Companies that outsourced their IT typically enjoy reduced labor costs, IT stability and security, access to expanded resources and better focused on driving their energy into acing at their core business. They also take out the headache and associated costs that comes with hiring, retraining and sending IT personnel for courses to upgrade their skills to keep up with the evolving technology.

+What are some pitfalls of IT Outsourcing?

Some pitfalls include inconsistent delivery, miscommunication, IT vendor’s skill level issues and lack of oversight. To avoid these pitfalls, look for a reliable company that has the experience in what you need. Ask for references and a company that has been around for a number of years. Don’t just look at cost or you’ll end up wasting time and money having to look around all over again because the quality was not what you can accept.

+Is IT Outsourcing really cheaper than hiring people in my office?

Absolutely! If you do the math, for the same amount of work done, IT outsourcing will save you at least half the amount you would spend on basic salary. This is possible as you are sharing overhead costs and resources with other like-minded business owners who have benefited from IT outsourcing. Hiring someone in-house requires a salary, bonuses, pay raise, benefits. Plus, you need to spend on everything they need to work in the office like computer, diskspace, supplies and don’t forget that you have to deal with absences, tardiness and HR concerns and all the headaches that come along with it.