IP PBX systems like Asterisk are based on IP Telephony (IPT). Bringing together voice, video, and email technology, and integrating them into one affordable platform. Almost any business can benefit from the use of Asterisk's open-source PBX technology. These systems offer businesses increased productivity and numerous useful options by reducing monthly phone expense and low-cost unlimited long-distance calling. On top of that companies that uses IP PBX / VOIP have the flexibility to work from home or allow connection of multiple offices with one system.

Asterisk is the most affordable PBX technology solution for businesses that are looking to break free from traditional telephone services. It uses open-source technology to provide your company with the same professional options such as: Auto-Attendant, Call Detail Records, Call Recording, Caller ID, Conference Centre, Follow me, Ring Groups, Time based routing, Voicemail, Voicemail-to-email, and much more; resulting in flexible and cost effective VOIP solution.

Our IP PBX / VOIP solution includes:

  • Professional set up from stage one design through configuration and installation.
  • Selection of appropriate hardware (phones, server, conference kit, etc.) related to the IP PBX / VOIP setup
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software in main office, branch offices and home offices
  • End-user and Supervisor training
  • Post deployment 24x7 support which includes configuration and maintenance of IP PBX / VOIP